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We are pleased to offer our patients the latest advancement in Eye Care Technology!
Optovue iVue OCT
The most revolutionary diagnostic tool in eye care
• Comprehensive Retina, Glaucoma and Cornea scans and reports
• Retinal mapping - 5 um high resolution images
• Glaucoma - RNFL analysis and mapping
• Corneal imaging and pachymetry mapping
• Reliable patient visit comparisons
• Largest OCT normative database
• Patient friendly for fast, efficient workflow
The iVue is the next generation in advanced OCT product design. It is the most versatile and economical SD-OCT system available today for Retina, Glaucoma, and Cornea imaging - bringing the diagnostic power of high-speed, high-resolution OCT technology to our office to give you, our patient, the latest technology available today.

Similar to an MRI or CT scan, the iVue's non-invasively captures cross sectional views of the layers of your retina, previously not visible with traditional methods. This helps us check for very early signs of harmful conditions and possible disease. It is fast, painless and comfortable for patients of all ages.
Nidek Autofocus Fundus Camera AFC-230
• Advanced Technology   Healthy Retina
• Superior patient comfort
• Innovative and unique Auto Focus and Auto 3D* Tracking
• High Quality Retinal Imaging
• Accurate Anterior Eye Observation before Photography
• Unique Blink Control Diabetic Retinopathy
• Anterior Eye Photography Mode
• Smaller Pupil Diameter Mode
 A non-invasive procedure
Nidek's unique AFC Pro Photographer is the solution to automated imaging offering advanced technology. NIDEK delivers the innovative non-mydriatic digital fundus camera that integrates every function required for easy retinal screening. Customized built-in functions of the NIDEK AFC-230/210 improve the quality and efficiency of your medical examinations.
Humphrey Automated Visual Field
• The Gold Standard in Perimetry
• Provides information regarding the location of many diseases
• Assesses the full horizontal and vertical range of your vision
• Can detect dysfunction in central and peripheral vision
• Helps to detect and monitor glaucoma
• Measures the area of vision, or how wide of an area your eye can see
• Patient friendly
Your peripheral vision, or side vision, is very important for your visual function, and is also affected by many eye conditions. Many times, subtle changes in your peripheral vision are not noticed. The Humphrey Automated Visual Field allows us to detect any vision loss that you may not have noticed otherwise. This is important for conditions such as Glaucoma, retinal detachments, optic neuritis, retinal blood vessel blockage, brain tumors, ptosis (lid lag), auto-immune conditions like lupus, and many others.

Sitting in front of a concave dome, a computer-driven program flashes small lights at different locations within the dome's surface, and you press a button when you see the small lights in your peripheral vision. Your responses are compared to age-matched controls to determine the presence of defects within the visual field. The test will detect any loss of peripheral vision and provide a map of that loss which will be helpful in diagnosing the cause.
Nidek Speedy K Autorefractor / Keratometer
• Advanced Engineering
• Superior patient comfort
• Rapid acquisition of data
• Easy alignment and focusing
• Simultaneous refraction & kerotometry measurements
• Instant readings once alignment and focus is achieved
• A non-invasive procedure
Nidek's Speedy K Autorefractor / Keratometer has advanced engineering and unique technology that make the Speedy autorefractors the most accurate autorefractors available. It's acquisition of data optimizes measurements and reduces testing time. The medical Retro-Illumination mode allows the lens to be observed, and media opacities illuminated and identified.

Readings are initiated the instant that alignment and focus is achieved and measurements are terminated automatically when complete. Measurements are taken in a fraction of a second.. Perfect for children and patients who require rapid measurement acquisition.
DHS Ultrasound Pachmate Hand held Pachymeter
• Advanced Engineering
• Superior patient comfort
• Accurate, reproducible pachymetry measurements
• Automatic reports
• Takes 25 corneal measurements
• A non-invasive procedure
When diagnosing various eye problems, including glaucoma, Ultrasound Pachymetry allows us to better prescribe your course of treatment. When measuring the pressure of the eye for glaucoma, many measurements are inaccurate because the cornea, is thicker or thinner than normal.
• Pachymetry, or the measurement of the thickness of the cornea is an integral part of the Glaucoma examination.
• Thin corneas alone, regardless of the eye pressure, have also been found much more often in people with glaucoma.
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